“I pledge to do my part TO end the illegal HFC trade”

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The HFC black market has links to organized crime, with devastating consequences for business, individuals and the environment. When buying or using illegal HFCs, your business is supporting criminal activity. You are also exposed to serious safety risks since nobody can guarantee the quality of illegally-imported cylinders or their contents. The latest research suggests that the black market constituted up to 31 million CO2eqT in 2019 alone – a number that can further increase if we don’t work together.

Research from a survey carried out among people who signed this pledge shows 84% of the respondents in the refrigerants value chain see or is offered illegally traded HFCs at least once per year. 72% of the respondents have been negatively impacted by the illegal trade of HFCs, while 69% called for more authoritative actions to reduce the black market.

How can we stop this? By saying no to illegal HFCs. We believe that we can only end the trade in illegal HFCs if we work together. We believe the chain of illegal trade can be broken, one link at a time; that’s why we’re asking you to show you’re doing your part. Because every individual action matters.

Join your peers and sign our pledge below to show that you are also committed to do your part to eradicate the black market for HFCs. You can show support as an individual or as an organisation.

Pledging is just the start. If you are a part of the HFC value chain, there are many things you can do to help. Everyone can do their part to end this illegal trade.

As a “pledger” you will receive more detailed information about what you can do, as well as a suite of digital assets to show your customers and partners that you have joined the fight.


Please note that the pledge is not an audited certification scheme but a way for individuals and the value chain to show their commitment to fighting the HFC black market. EFCTC reserves the right to remove pledgers at any time.

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What do pledgers receive?
  • 1Social media tiles
  • 2High-resolution pledge logo for use online
  • 3An eye-catching, print-ready poster
  • 4Recognition from EFCTC’s channels, including press attention for key organisations

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